Meet our keynote speakers

Secretary manager for Kalundborg Symbiosis Mrs. Lisbeth Randers

I am in charge of all daily operations for the private association Kalundborg Symbiosis in my job as head of the business development department in Kalundborg Municipality. I represent the association as a spokesperson for instance on conferences or when foreign delegations visit Kalundborg Symbiosis. I am also in charge of the communication effort, organizing board meetings, development of new strategy, dialogue with the chairman etc. I work in a cross-sectorial field, with a strong focus on governance structures that can support Private Public Partnerships, building bridges for instance between educational institutes and companies. My finest job is to strengthen the symbiosis network, so that it is strong enough to carry out new projects, not only on the technical side but also on broader agendas, like for instance supporting the agenda of the circular economy.
My educational background is a MasterĀ“s degree in literature and communication (1991), MasterĀ“s degree in Public Management (2009), and EMCC coach certification (2016).
I have been working for Kalundborg Symbiosis since 2012, the last four years as the manager. In my position as head of the business development department, I work with governance through many other strategic projects, supporting the municipality as an attractive place to live, work, study and run a business.