Conference Themes

The conference aspires to cover the whole chain of bauxite residue, from production to applications. In detail, the themes as structured in the program are:

From bauxite to a modified bauxite residue: additions and process modifications leading to a more attractive bauxite residue for downstream use
Neutralisation, revegetation and beyond: from actions to reduce alkalinity all the way to the restoration of fauna and flora in former disposal sites
Integrated, near-zero waste processes: processes where all/most elements or phases are recovered, so that there is in practice almost no residue left
Novel applications: catalysis, polymer composites, adsorbents and many more applications that go beyond the usual paths and offer new possibilities
Recovery of Fe, Al, Ti: being the metals with the highest concentration in bauxite residue, the session will cover processes to recover them
Cement, concrete and inorganic polymers: with production volumes in the range of billion metric tons annually, these materials can incorporate substantial volumes
Recovery of critical elements: focus is placed on minor metals and REE that can have a substantial impact on the economic viability of the processes