Social Events

Conference events (included in the registration)


Cocktail reception (May 6, 2018, 18:00)


The Organizing Committee will welcome our delegates at Aegli Zappiou on Sunday afternoon (May 6, 2018, 18:00) with a refreshing drink and finger food.

The perfect ice-breaker, an opportunity for the speakers to meet fellow colleagues and prepare for the conference.


Visit to the Acropolis (May 8, 2018, 18:00) 


The great monument of Pericles’ Golden Age, the crown of Athens will host or delegates for a full 2-hour tour.

We will walk the 600 m from the conference venue to the Acropolis through Dionysiou Areopagitou pedestrian road.

We will skip the queue and, following our licensed guides, we will enjoy the magnificent atmosphere of the Parthenon, which is a lifetime dream for some to visit.

We depart, 18:00 from the conference venue (Aegli Zappiou)


Conference dinner (May 8, 2018, 20:00)


Our dinner will be served a few minutes’ walk from the Acropolis, and it will include a traditional, yet modern, meal from the Greek cuisine. We will enjoy Greek delicacies escorted by local wine and a wide variety of beers from local small-scale breweries. We meet at the restaurant.


Mytilineos SA – Aluminium of Greece tour  


On Thursday, our conference will have been over and recreational activities will take its place. Mytilineos has organized the perfect combination of relaxation and education, through a visit and tour around their industrial facilities outside Athens (St. Nikolas plant).

The bus will pick us up from the conference venue (Aegli Zappion) at 08:00 in the morning. The location is a two-hour drive from down-town Athens till the picturesque Antikira bay. At the facilities – one of the few vertically integrated alumina and aluminium production plants in the world we will stroll around the plants and get a gist of the technologies employed to decrease the environmental footprint of the facility and to increase secondary resources uptake.

After our tour, we will end up saying goodbye in the Aspra Spitia town, the old-fashioned European way: a feast at a local sea-side tavern, where we enjoy local cuisine and drinks.

Our return to Athens is scheduled for 18:00, and the bus will take us to Aeglil Zappiou .


Athens experience tours (optional)


As a gesture of hospitality to our delegates and their escorts we have decided to cooperate with the Tourism Company Alter Greece, who offer full-day and half-day private tours to our delegates for an affordable price.

Alter Greece tours are focused mainly on the experiences that the participant take home and less on sightseeing. We enjoy nature, we learn about the areas we visit, we cook, we play and we have a good time, regardless of age and abilities.

We have made all the necessary preparations to offer the following tours:


Our blue Athens [private tour and swimming by boat]


Saronic Islands [public daily tour to Aegina Poros Hydra]


Our green Athens [Half day tour with Hands-on cooking class]


Especially for the last day, in parallel to the AoG visit, delegates’ escorts will have the opportunity to taste wine, see the Delphi heritage site, and meet the delegates for lunch. This tour is the perfect antidote getting over home-sickness after 5 days of travelling !

Outside Athens [Daily tour to Delphi to join the delegates at AoG]